How to use Google Pay and Make payments with app

How to use Google Pay and Make payments with app

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Google is competing with other digital payment services and now it has updated its online wallet and digital payments system named as Google Pay.
Google Pay now offers comfortable and better
functionality to the users. Google Pay allows you to store information related to your credit card, debit cards, gift cards or reward cards and then you can use it to make payments across participating stores and platforms, online and offline both. Your financial information is not shared with the vendor; rather the transaction is completed through encrypted data packets.
How to add Payments Method in Google Pay :-
1. Download and install Google Pay app from your Play store.
2. Now you need to add a payment method on Google Pay.
3. Open Google Pay. Click on the menu option (three horizontal lines) and select the Google account for which you want to add the financial details.
4. Now from the menu, choose the option “My Cards” and then tap on “+” symbol.
5. Now you have to select the option “Add a credit or debit card”.
6. Now you can enter the option manually or click a picture of the card with your camera.
7. You might be asked to verify the payment method, follow the on-screen instructions for the verification. You will receive a code on your phone/email, just enter it on the screen and your payment method is added successfully.
8. If you see any error message such as “This card can’t be added”, then either the card is not acceptable, or the details entered are incorrect. Double check the details and if it still not works, try adding another card.
9. Google might charge a small amount to your card to verify its validity. It will not have any effect on your balance and shall be deleted soon.
Making Payments in Google Pay :-
After you have added the goods/services in your cart, when you are on the payments page, select “Buy with GPay” and just follow the simple on-screen instructions.
Retail/Offline Purchase :- 
  • When you are shopping at a retail store and want to use Google Pay………….Read More>>



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