How to get emotes in BGMI: Paid and free methods explained

How to get emotes in BGMI: Paid and free methods explained

Aside from gunning opponents, BGMI offers an overabundance of emotes that players can acquire and use in the game. These emotes are nothing new and have been a staple feature for most Battle Royale games.

In BGMI, players have the option to purchase emotes from the shop or acquire one free. Emotes are animations in BGMI that the in-game character performs. Players can use it to greet other teammates or take a jibe at the opponents after killing them.

How to get paid emotes in BGMI?

To purchase emotes in BGMI, players will need to have an ample amount of UC. Players can buy UC in exchange for real cash. Once done, players can boot up the BGMI and navigate to the in-game store. There, they should then click on the redeem tab and select the desired emote.

Then pay for the selected emote via UC, and the desired will be yours to keep.

Moreover, in BGMI, every season comes with a new RP, i.e., the Royal Pass, which contains various emotes. These emotes a part of the RP and can be obtained by completing RP missions and unlocking tiers. Players can also purchase the Royal Pass to enhance the collection further and get new emotes…Read more>>