How to block SBI ATM card without username and password

How to block SBI ATM card without username and password

The realization that one has lost one’s ATM card is enough to stop one’s heartbeat. Or, imagine, you are enjoying with your family in Goa and you receive an SMS from your bank informing you about an international transaction on your card. Keeping your ATM card safe and out of reach of the unauthorised persons who could somehow conduct a transaction on your card is important.

If you are, for instance, an SBI customer and the moment you come to know that your SBI ATM card has got stolen or has been misplaced, the first move of yours would be to know the process of how to block your SBI STM card. You will typically try to get in touch with the bank’s customer care department to block the card. You may also block the card by accessing online banking using your user name and password.


However, if you need to know how to block SBI ATM card without username and password, there are much simpler ways to block your ATM card or Switch ON/Off the card usage. In fact, you can do any of these things to keep the unauthorised transactions at bay:

ATM Card Blocking Switch ON/Off at Point of Sale Switch ON/Off for international transactions ATM Card Blocking In case you have lost your ATM card, you can immediately block the ATM Card linked to the registered account. To block ATM card, send an SMS from the registered mobile number as ‘BLOCK<space>XXXX’ to 567676 (XXXX represents last 4 digit of the card number). On acceptance of the request for blocking, you will get a confirmatory SMS alert that contains the ticket number, date and time of blocking….Read More>>>


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